About Us

The Content Bootcamp HQ team has decades of experience building niche authority content brands at scale.

Why Content Bootcamp?

We want to get the maximum results for you in as little time as possible. A few days here at Content Bootcamp and you’ll be ready to be a stellar part of a dynamic content team. 

Content Bootcamp courses are designed to get you ready in as little time as possible. Pick and choose the modules that will help you, or take the entire course and become a content creating ninja. 

For niche subject matter experts, digital writers, digital editors and anyone that wants to create better content, this training is for you.

The Content Bootcamp HQ Team

Content Bootcamp HQ is brought to you by the team at Venture 4th Media. We’re a collective group of creative genius striving to bring better content into the world. 

With decades of experience as publishers, we thought it was time to bring some of our hard-knocks, real-world learnings to the masses and to anyone that wants to join our crew. 

This training is designed for niche subject matter experts (writers) who find joy in sharing their unique knowledge and passions with the world and for the editorial support team that helps them structure and focus their creative energies into powerful content that readers love.

Our team

Ewen Finser

CEO of Venture 4th Media, Head Cheese, Niche Selection Master

Ewen bootstrapped a growing digital portfolio with 140+ content affiliate sites that started with a $1000 investment creating over 3 million in asset value. Today, Ewen continues to incubate content portfolios at scale, leveraging deep niche subject matter expertise (specialist writers) with a team of digital ninjas (editors, VAs) that continues to scale ahead of ecommerce and digital enthusiast trends. Content Bootcamp is an extension of the on-the-ground training that he developed over the years, as an operator, a writer, an editor, a web developer learning the digital ropes himself, then finding others to join him to scale the content production. After hours Ewen enjoys the sublime chaos of 3 kids under 5.

Amy Aitman

COO of Venture 4th Media, Creator of Content Bootcamp, Talent Finder

Part manager, team builder, editor, and digital marketer, Amy started working with Ewen at Venture 4th Media as a content creator six years ago. Since then, Amy has grown two digital businesses and keeps busy growing the V4M team to over 250 writers, editors, and digital asset specialists. Today, she continues to oversee the day-to-day operations of the growing portfolio while sourcing, hiring, and training new niche content specialists. A dedicated, passionate content strategist, Amy helps the many creative geniuses focus and discover their special sauce so we can bring it to the masses. After ‘work’ Amy enjoys biking to the beach and enjoying the calming East Coast Canadian lifestyle.

Natalia Bickell

Content Manager, Content Bootcamp Contributor

Natalia is on a mission to help others discover digital opportunities and has personally helped dozens of friends and colleagues find meaningful careers as virtual assistants, editors, and digital media specialists. As Content Manager, she keeps the ‘content conveyor belt’ running smoothly and manages the core team of editors and special projects. In her spare time, she coaches others in mindfulness and meditation practices and started her own nonprofit company in Costa Rica to help others do the same.

Callum Marshall

Managing Editor, Video Game Expert

Callum Marshall is our video gaming expert Managing Editor. Writing for over seven years, he has taken on many roles as editor, Managing Editor, Editor-in-Chief, PR rep, game reviewer and even founded his own gaming website with modest success. He has also been a game tester, worked with AI companies, ran his own gaming podcast and done a myriad of other studio and gaming projects over the past few years. He has spent thousands and thousands of hours perfecting his craft to become a integral part of the digital gaming sphere and now he’s here helping writers improve and become better subject matter experts as well.

Alizabeth Swain

Managing Editor for All

Alizabeth Swain has worked as a professional writer for more than a decade. And with the millions of words she’s written throughout the years, she’s learned a thing (or two) about what it takes to make it as a professional writer. 

Through all of the different positions she’s worked in, she understands all of the different struggles and stressors that freelance writers will face in their careers. She believes that a writer should always continue to refine their skills to improve upon their craft. No matter if you’re professionally trained or you just enjoy writing as a hobby, she’s here to help you find confidence in your abilities. 

As she works as a Managing Editor with V4M, she loves working with an open door policy to help writers with all different types of niche expertise flourish in their careers.

Miah Schmahl

Topline Editor / V4M Writer Supreme

Miah began freelance writing as a way to bring flexibility to her career. She quickly fell in love with the ability to share her thoughts and opinions with people on the things she loves most, along with the process of building, researching, and writing an article. 

The work she does now allows her to research and learn new things about the subjects she already loves. 

Miah began writing for Venture 4th Media as a video game expert and enthusiast. She’s written about Runescape, Minecraft, and her favorite franchise, The Sims, along with many other subjects! In addition to video games, Miah is an Orchestra and Band expert, specializing in the Violin and Clarinet. This is her favorite niche, as music is a deep passion. 

Currently, she is working with Venture 4th Media as a Topline Editor. She loves this position because she gets to help writers achieve their dreams and find their voice. She wants to help writers improve and succeed like she did when she first joined V4M.

Our Editors and Content Bootcamp Contributors

Our editorial team at V4M is structured into Topline Editors (the gatekeepers of best-in-class content), the Formatting Editors (the polishers of that content), and Managing Editors (the creative brand builders). 

The editorial team is designed to give the creatives and subject matter experts all the tools, know-how, help, and guidance they need to bring their specialties to the masses. 

Here at Content Bootcamp HQ, we’ve brought together our best and brightest editors to share their insider knowledge to help others.

The Content Bootcamp Approach to Writing

“I love V4M so much. It’s great being able to choose a topic that I know lots about, and then impart my knowledge following loose guidelines and being able to choose my own direction for each article. I’d think I’d really struggle to work within the confines of someone else.” 

Our writers are the creative heartbeat of the entire Venture 4th Media operation. We created this training for them.

Our writers are not just wordsmiths. They are so much more than that. We believe the best writers are subject matter experts. 

Sometimes we call them passionate nerds. 

Sometimes they are thought leaders. 

They are the same people we create content for.

They are the users of the products we review and recommend. 


They are running their own businesses, or e-comm shops, working their day jobs as cosmetologists, or dentists, and come here to share their knowledge with others.

They spend 29 hours building a LEGO set, then tell our readers all about it. 

They Tik Tok their new subscription boxes, just for fun, then share their unboxings with our readers. 

They skateboard the same trick 100 times then tell us how it was done (and film it). 

They ramble on endlessly on their fave topics and we are here to harness and polish that expertise to share with our audiences.

The training here at Content Bootcamp is designed for these passionate, creatives that want to share their insights with the world. 

Want to learn more?

Stephanie Jensen

— V4M Writer —​

“I love how you all allow personalization! And it gives me an excuse to do what I love, like wear makeup and drink beer haha.”​

Jesus Cruz

— V4M Writer —

“Woohoo! Amy, that actually saved my life, now I can buy my pc, and work even faster and better… this job has actually changed into a hobby. Thank you a lot!”

Himanshu Verkiya

— V4M Writer —​

“As a newcomer, I feel so welcomed when editor’s give their feedback. Always ready to help and clear every doubt. Big thanks to editing team.”​

Gordon Bicker

— V4M Writer —​

Even out of my very short time of working here so far, I have seen one of the greatest community/work spirits I have seen in a company before over the past number of years working as a journalist…Further, one particular element echoed throughout the company is this ever-present aspect of kindness and passion for writing which is wonderful to see! It’s been a pleasure working for V4M and I hope to work with the company for many more years! You all are brilliant!”